Evelyn B. Kelly, Ph.D.
Independent writer/speaker
From 1985 to present


Do you need a writer for:

  • Conference coverage?
  • Continuing medical education (CME)?
  • Medical books for lay and professional readers?
  • Health and science book for young adults?
  • Review articles?
  • Do you need an educational speaker for Motivation?
  • Humor?


Please allow me to introduce myself. I wear several hats: writer, speaker, and educator, but somehow all my activities seem to come together. I have been working as an independent writer and speaker since about 1985.
As a writer, I have focused mostly on medical and health care for both lay and professionals. Because I live in Florida with quick access to both Orlando and Tampa, I have covered conferences and conventions in this area. I have written 16 books and over 400 articles on various topics. As a speaker, I have traveled to over 30 states and Canada.
If you have writing or speaking needs, please contact me. You will find me punctual, amiable, and accurate. My goal has always been to MAKE it easy for my editors to do their jobs and to make my clients happy.
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